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Enfant de la Nuit

14.06.2016 - We thought you might be interested by a nice complement to the album, and we are pleased to present you a A5 HQ card (21 x 14,8 cm) with an illustration from the booklet of the digipack !  
Have a look at it on instagram.com/ixiondoom !
The card is available separately or as a bonus with the CD on shop.finisteriandeadend.com

To learn more about the album,  you can check out some reviews & interviews here

"Ixion have spent the last four years crafting something meticulously detailed and beautifully executed" - Doom-metal.com

"This is simply a tremendous piece of gothic doom metal, a masterpiece of dark music, including beautiful ambient passages and crushing outbursts of distorted guitars and grunts" - Merchants of Air

"Raffiné, gothique, tout en se positionnant fermement sur l’échiquier doom metal, Enfant De La Nuit est une réelle réussite, l’affirmation d’un talent" - Obsküre Magazine

"Soli de guitare épiques, alternance vocale équitable [...], percussions efficaces et, partout, cette propension à créer des mélodies aussi belles qu'intelligentes. A l'évidence, Ixion est un groupe d'envergure..." - Rock Hard

Album available on Finisterian Dead End, Season of Mist, Fnac, Amazon, Gilbert Joseph, via Code 7 distribution, on worldwide digital platforms...