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- Our new album EVOLUTION has been conceived as a three-piece opus -

Each part to be released digitally before the physical release later this autumn !


The 1st part, out now on digital platforms !



The 2nd part, out on 14th of June !


Sometime in the future…
Androids seek to emancipate themselves from the laws that rule them, getting closer to humans and their feelings…


Welcome to RESTRICTION, the next step of our new album Evolution !

This 2nd part will take you on a sci-fi, electronic and ambient doom metal exploration !

Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios.

Artwork by Vincent Fouquet - Above Chaos.

Pre-order on our Bandcamp !

EXTINCTION will take you into the future, questioning how humanity will struggle with mortality in a world where android technology rises. Join us on a journey of atmospheric doom filled with orchestral and acoustic soundscapes, both epic and intimate !

Available in hi-res audio + bonus on our Bandcamp !

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