With a reaffirmed doom and mournful dimension, and ambient-electronic atmospheres from the cold depths of space, it reveals the essence of IXION's music, highlighted by thorough arrangements and the most ambitious production from the project.

The album has been mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios, and illustrated by Vincent Fouquet - Above Chaos.


"I started to compose this album driven by a desire to get back to funeral doom ambiences, and soon felt the new material was in fact at the very heart of our universe. Thus, it became the idea : to release a condensed album, focused on our core musical identity. It deserved a careful production, and finally, the songs really sound as we had imagined !  Not forgetting the amazing artworks and photos which perfectly illustrate the music and concept. All this makes the album so special for us." Julien

Released on October 9th 2020 via 28978 Productions / Finisterian Dead End

Available in : Digipack CD (Season of Mist and Code 7 Distribution) / LP Gatefold / Digital - Purchase here


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