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"Ixion go into the blue and out of the black for this soaringly atmospheric release"

Released on Oct. 30th 2017 on Finisterian Dead End

  9/10  [Engl]
Gbhbl  9/10  [Engl]
Lords of Metal  84/100  [Engl]
Battle Helm  4/5  [Engl]
Metal Temple  8/10  [Engl]
The Independent Voice  3,5/5  [Engl]
Ave Noctum  6/10  [Engl]
The Obelisk  [Engl]
Music Waves  4/5  [Fr]
La Grosse Radio Métal  8,5/10  [Fr]

Obsküre Mag  84 %  [Fr]

Rock Hard  8/10  [Fr] - Album of the month
French Metal  19/20  [Fr]
Heavy Sound  9/10  [Fr]
Pavillon 666  8/10  [Fr]
Daily Rock  [Fr]
Shoot Me Again  [Fr]
Metal France  3,5/5  [Fr]
Horns Up  7/10  [Fr]
Soil chronicles  7/10  [Fr]
Legacy Magazine #112  13/15  [Germ]
Metal 1  6,5/10  [Germ]  6/10  [Germ]
Metal Eyes  8,8/10  [It]
Metalitalia  7,5/10  [It]
Necromance Magazine  8,5/10  [Esp]
Lords of Metal  84/100  [Nl]



Legacy Magazine #112  [Germ]

Versus Magazine  [Pt]  
Doomed to darkness  [Engl]
Atom Smasher Music  [Engl]
Music Waves [Fr]
Soil Chronicles [Fr]


All music by Julien Prat
Clean vocals arranged by Yannick Dilly & Julien Prat

All instruments by Julien Prat
Clean vocals by Yannick Dilly
Other vocals by Julien Prat 

Produced & engineered by Julien Prat & Yannick Dilly
Mixed by Yannick Dilly
at 28978 Studio & Nevermind Records
Mastered by
Bruno Varea at Upload Studio
Cover photography & layout by
Julien Prat


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