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For 10 years, IXION have carved out a special place within the doom scene, with their singular blend of ambient/electronic music and atmospheric doom metal, also drawing from gothic metal and other influences like cinematic scores, post-rock or cold folk. Each album of the band offers a true musical journey, consistent with the artwork and a narrative frame inspired by science-fiction.

Born in 2004 when Julien Prat decided to group some of his compositions together, and soon joined by Thomas Saudray, the project released its demo Through the Space we die in 2007. Motivated by very positive reviews in various webzines and in Hard Rock Mag (Fr), the band has since followed its path.

In 2009, Yannick Dilly became the third member, and two years later the album To the Void was released on Avantgarde Music. It got laudatory reviews in various webzines and magazines and was album of the month in Rock Hard (Fr), and doubly nominated for MetalStorm awards.


2012-2014 was an intense period of composition, leading to two albums in preparation.

IXION 2015

Enfant de la Nuit was released in November 2015, after a new partnership had been signed with Finisterian Dead End. It represented a great leap forward for the band, and once more the album was warmly received by the public and the critics, with highly complimentary reviews in the european press. It was also album of the month on doom-metal.com.

In 2017, IXION invites you to come back to Earth to explore other immensities, with their brand new album RETURN.


Julien Prat
- Composition
- Guitars, keyboards, synthezisers
  & programming
- Growls & other vocals
- Production
- Concepts & lyrics

Yannick Dilly
since To the Void
- Vocals arrangments
- Clean vocals
- Production

Thomas Saudray
except on Return
- Orchestral parts composition
- Harsch vocals
- Concepts & lyrics


IXION 2017

IXION 2017 : Yannick Dilly (left) & Julien Prat (right)
IXION 2015