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"Ixion go into the blue and out of the black for this soaringly atmospheric release"
"The missing link between My Dying Bride, Vangelis, and Pink Floyd"
"Ixion confirm their precious singularity, a band with a firm yet moving identity, driven by a desire for freedom which guides them towards the unknown"

The time has finally come to invite you to come back to Earth !

From the outer space, through majestic clouds, and to the depths of the abyss,
RETURN touches on a wide range of our musical inspirations...
In the end, this is probably our most progressive and sometimes luminous work to date !

Check out the first extract "Into Her light" :

1. Out of the dark

2. Into Her light

3. Hanging in the sky

4. Back Home

5. The Ocean

6. Contact

7. World of silence

8. Stranger

9. The dive  (Fade to blue part 2)




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